Zucchini Bread Cook and Play

Sometimes my friend and I cook AND

Sometimes we play.

This was our recent Cook and Play date with my friend, Kendra Jarvis. She is my cooking and writing buddy. Her daughter, Anna Grace, pictured on the right and my daughter, Caroline on the left, are buddies, too. Kendra is a passionate middle school teacher who blogs about books and devotions on her site, A Busy Woman’s Life.

We have so much fun this summer having a weekly Cook and Play. Last month we made Naan together, visit here for the photos and recipe. We also made freezer black bean burgers together and then we ate them as a family for dinner.

This week we made zucchini bread for the monthly mission meal which feeds 40 local women and children. We laughed a lot when the flour from the mixer went everywhere. The kids loved it. We’re just being real here.

and here.

But we did accomplish what we set out to do. We have 4 loaves for the local mission meal with Cook and Play Ministries, our sister site that feeds the homeless each month. We had seven mini-loaves. Kendra gave two away and I gave one to our neighbor. We each had two mini-loaves for our families. That’s what I call a lot of cooking and playing today.

Have you ever had a Cook and Play date? Or better yet, have you ever had this much fun freezer cooking?



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