You’re ALREADY an Amazing Mom!

Can we share a cup of coffee and have one of my healthy pumpkin scones? I’d like to share a book with you today.

Did you know you’re already an amazing mom? Do you remember childhood, for the Bible told me so? It’s impressed on my heart through a book I read, You’re Already Amazing, by Holley Gerth. Moms, get ready, she has some impacting words to engrave on your heart. So many times we have good intentions to be all, do all, say all, race around all, prepare all and be all we can be, but life happens, challenges step in the way and then we feel like a failure. Anyone with me?

Perhaps you have good intentions to prepare healthy meals and stock your freezer, but you’re just not there yet. Or perhaps you want to serve others, but you have tiny babies or a demanding toddler and you can’t fathom preparing another meal beyond your own family. You follow this blog and you think I want to serve others, but I can hardly serve myself and my family. I just want to please others.

Holley’s wisdom is straight from the Bible. “You are already perfectly loved, and you only have to please the One who already declared you are a delight to his heart.” pg. 105

He already takes great delight in you, he will quiet you with his love, he rejoices over you with singing. Zephaniah 3:17

Holley’s book has great tools to identify gifts, talents, feelings and how to utilize them for God’s Kingdom. I love a book I can put into practice, don’t you?

Moms, hold onto your aprons (I know some of you don’t wear one and that’s okay), you are already amazing and free to be you without one.

Do any of you struggle knowing you’re ALREADY amazing? This book is for you.

I also received a set of mugs  and canvas block  by Dayspring to help me remember how perfectly loved I am by God. I’m sharing my mug set with my tween daughter so we can savor God’s Word together over a cup of tea. The canvas reminds me to that my mothering is God’s plan and I’m made in His image. I am loved  just as I am, on days when I’ve done it all AND days when I’ve done practically nothing (does that exist?).

I received this book free from DaySpring to review and all opinions stated are (clearly) my own.

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  1. Mary @ Giving Up on Perfect

    Life happens…and then we feel like a failure. YES, I am with you! But I’m also with you, soaking up the Truth that Holley shares in her book! Thanks for linking up to (in)courage!

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