Yogurt Making While Playing


We had a fun weekend with family and I was productive while I was gone. Remember that yogurt maker I bought for a $1 over the holidays? I am putting it to use. This is my second batch since the first of the year and the girls are enjoying some yummy yogurt. I certainly love the fact that I can scald the milk and cool it quickly, add the yogurt starter (I use 5 T. plain Greek yogurt), pour into these handy dandy glass jars, cover and push start.

While we’re away playing, our yogurt is doing it’s thing. Love that! This little monkey loves yogurt.

We returned to Sky Zone in Greenville this week weekend. My hubbie and I joined the kiddos in the 1 hour this time around. So we veered off the jumping and attempted the Ninja course. My husband did pretty well, nearly making it through.



I, on the other hand, did not make it past these alternating springy platforms. I need longer legs to jump on these. Oh well, I still had a fun time jumping with my kids, getting exercise and returned to homemade yogurt when I got home.




I was sore the day after and the next day after, even though I run almost daily. Using a different set of muscles will do that :)

Do you multi-task cooking and having fun?

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