Will we have more chickens?


Chicken Project Update:

If you’ve followed our almost three month project here, you know we have five bantam chickens and one rooster. My daughter is holding two of the friendly chickens. They’ve all been very friendly and loving to the kids, UNTIL…

one chicken, Anna, decides to sit on her eggs and guard them, known as brooding. She will peck and let her motherly instincts take over, if you know what I mean. Don’t mess with her babies!

Here we were trying to hatch our own chicken from an incubator, seen below, and she decides to do her own thing.

0530011413.jpg  0530011418.jpg

Which ones will hatch? This could be the perfect science fair project for my daughter entering middle school in the fall. Too bad, school’s almost out.

We tried to let over a dozen pile up about a month ago with no luck. Now, after we incubated eight in a controlled 102 degree temperature to be exact, she decides to control her eggs herself. She’s sitting on twenty-two eggs. She occasionally gets up to eat and returns to her motherly position.

Statistically, we may get about half of those to hatch this month. We shall see and inform you when it happens.

The chickens have been laying an average of three to five eggs per day. We do have fresh eggs now that we’ve marked the older eggs Anna is sitting on. She tries to snatch them all up and move them to her pile. While she’s eating, we remove the fresh eggs and transport them to the fridge.

Q and A

  • Why are we doing the chicken project?

Because it’s a fun thing for the kids and we wanted to have fresh eggs.

  • Why are we trying to hatch chicks?

Because it would be fun for the kids and to see if we can actually do it.

  • What will we do with the chicks if they hatch?

??? Maybe give some away, keep a couple and try selling them on Craigslist. We heard you could actually get money for these tiny chicks. It’s just a fun project.

  • Can you freeze eggs?

Of course, you can, but not in the shell. Remove them from the shell and bake them in a brunch casserole, cheesy spinach bitesquiche.


Wrap and freeze once it’s cooled. Or scramble them and freeze raw in a quart size bag or freezer container.

Do you have any questions? We’ll try to answer them. Leave them in the comments below.

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