Why We Continue to Eat Pizza


We are pizza lovers at home and school. Last week I shared how I went out of town and my family ate pizza twice. This week in my foods class at school we made our Nutrient Pizza for our lesson and students had to identify all their six nutrients in the pizza recipe and toppings.

Yes, it inspired me to make my own homemade pizza at home using my no-rise whole wheat pizza crust recipe. Oh how I love to make homemade pizza. We continue to eat pizza ten pizza pies between home and school this week, only there’s no take-out boxes to prove it.


I always make two or three pies with speedy sauce because our family loves leftovers. I often freeze leftover slices for future lunches.


As always, it’s been a crazy busy week and I’m heading out of town again on Sunday to go to Raleigh for my last teacher training. We had a delicious picnic on Sunday and two of us ladies brought pasta salad. Great minds think alike :)

My five-year-old got to spend time with her cousins. My daughter is the one without glasses.


IMG_9999It’s always a whirlwind of a week around my house, but I love it. I’m so blessed. How’s your week?


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