Why I’m Not Vacuuming or Freezer Cooking This Week



The reason why I’m not vacuuming my hardwood floor is because I don’t have one. It’s in the dumpster in my driveway. My dining room, living room, hallway and kitchen doesn’t need mopping or vacuuming because it looks like this.



Here are the bare floors in need of a makeover. Hopefully tomorrow afternoon in will look completely different. Thank goodness for homeowner’s insurance and hard working folks who do their job well.

I’m not doing any freezer cooking this week, if you can imagine that. And school starts on Monday for me. Seriously, I’ve never been so ill-prepared, but hey that’s life. I’m looking for things to be thankful for.

Here’s one. I ordered two new refrigerator doors from ebay and saved over 50%. IMG_2642

We’ve had two drawers with cracks for a while and I haven’t replaced them because of the whopping cost on the refrigerator website. I googled the model and part number on the expensive website and found much cheaper ones on ebay.

IMG_2644Woo hoo! No more cracks and I’ve got another drawer coming this week.

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I’m grateful to have air conditioning during this hot week and a soft bed. I have two vehicles beside my dumpster in my driveway;) and husband who took my children to a ballgame to give me time to write.

I am grateful, thankful and blessed on this Wednesday.

What are thankful for today?

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