Why I Took a Break from Blogging


After many weeks of rest and relaxation I have come to the conclusion that I miss blogging. I needed a long break in case you haven’t noticed. It was a challenging school year and I admit that I needed a month to revitalize myself as a teacher, mom, blogger, parent, wife, cook, soccer driver and more. I had too much on my plate for one person to handle and it came to a resting point.

After a lot of extra sleep, a family beach vacation, college tours with my senior daughter and a mini-vacation to Dollywood, I’m back feeling like myself. I’m already enjoying summer and my family.


I see not only one rainbow, but two and God is good. I feel revitalized and ready for a new adventure. Now what will it be? I’m praying and ready to hear his voice. Usually I set New Year’s goals, but I’m thinking of new school year goals for my family of six. My oldest daughter is entering her senior year and my oldest son is going to be a freshman. My two youngest are in elementary and my husband and I are still plugging along in our middle school and high school teaching jobs.

Life is good. God is good. I’m savoring the season. I am back to blogging! How about you? How is God revitalizing you?

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