Why I Love Grilled Convenience Chicken and Vegetables

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Baseball, soccer, cheerleading, more baseball, after-school meetings and conferences keep me from making home-cooked meals. Instead I throw together a Greek wrap to eat at the game while I watch my eight year-old son hit the ball. It comes together just as quickly as a ham and cheese sandwich using my convenience chicken I thawed the night before.

I doubled the amount I grilled  when we last had Italian chicken. After the chicken cooled I froze four chicken breasts with the cooked juices to make tender Greek wraps on the go. It doesn’t get much easier and it beats the cheap hot dog at the concession stand any day of the week!

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Later this week I made tilapia tacos and threw our sauteed vegetables we doubled over the weekend. My husband typically sautes peppers and onions for our weekend omelettes and they come in handy all throughout the week on wraps like this one. I also like to put vegetables on flatbread pizza or homemade pizza when we have it for dinner.

Make ahead items are awesome to have. Freezer cooking saves us tons of money, time and energy, especially when we double or triple cooked portions for future meals.

Do you fully cook items and freeze for convenience meals?

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