White Vinegar As a Dishwasher Rinse Aid

I just replaced Jet Dry rinse agent for white vinegar in my dishwasher and it worked like a charm! I’m so glad I’m saving more money in my kitchen. It’s better for the environment and safe for the little hands that keep touching the dishwasher door. Can you relate? Fill your rinse aid compartment as you would normally with the rinse agent and check out your sparkling dishes after a dishwasher load.

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2 thoughts on “White Vinegar As a Dishwasher Rinse Aid

  1. Linda Bradshaw

    Hi Jackie! I found your blog today through a Pinterest Pin from a friend of mine. I love this tip about using white vinegar in the dishwasher – I will definitely use that when I run out of Jet Dry. I also use white vinegar in my clothes washing machine instead of fabric softener. Keep up the great work!

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