When Life Gives You Poked Tomatoes {Make Pico}

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When all is quiet at my house, I look for my four-year-old. After about 15-minutes, I find all my fresh garden tomatoes looking not so fresh. What do I do with five imperfect tomatoes? I could slice them all for sandwiches, but only two of us eat fresh tomatoes.

Or I could make fresh pico de gallo and serve with all my favorite Mexican entrees or tortilla chips. Either way it’s a winner. Click here for the tutorial.

What would you do with these poked tomatoes?  Can anyone relate?

2 thoughts on “When Life Gives You Poked Tomatoes {Make Pico}

  1. Traci

    I love the idea of pico too. When I have had this problem, (quite children are something to be feared) I end up freezing the tomatoes. The freezing splits the skins and I can use them in spaghetti sauce or chili later.

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