What’s for Brown’s lunch?


We have way too many mouths to feed to be purchasing school lunches. I also like to feed my family as healthy as possible. So I roll a different kind of way and dovetail as many meals into one. Tonight we had chicken gyros with sauteed vegetables. I made my usual flatbread made in a plastic shoe box. I love this easy recipe here. I went ahead and made some mini for pizza lunchables tomorrow. The kids adore lunchables, especially pizza so I make them affordable and healthy the homemade way.

I actually made 6 lunches, but forget the other purple container. The boxes without clementines will get a banana. Mom and Dad eat salad with a side of naan or melba toast. I have some homemade cookies in the freezer I made last weekend for lunches.


I also made leftover chicken gyro wraps for the ball game tomorrow. IMG_1371

Here’s what I have planned for my husband to bring to the game along with cantaloupe.

Gratefully, my husband is on board with our healthier eating from home plan and packing lunches and dinners at the ball park. We have four baseball games a week and one football game with my oldest daughter. It’s super busy, but super fun watching my kiddos enjoy sports.

They play while I cook and pack healthy foods to nourish their growing bodies. I’m so grateful for this ability and hope to inspire others to work smarter, not harder and eat healthy.

In about an hour, I made enough flatbread for dinner and lunch for six people with some leftover flatbread. We also had extra sauteed veggies for our Saturday omelets. We love leftovers with a twist.

How about you? Do you dovetail many meals into one?


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