What I Do with Baked Potato Tops and Bottoms

2 for 1: Potato Soup AND Potato Skins

What do I do with a 10-pound of potatoes? I freezer cook them, of course. I begin by asking my 9-year-old to scrub them all and we pierce them together for the 400 degree oven. After an hour or when they are done, I allow them to cool for about fifteen or thirty minutes. Then I slice off the tops and lay them aside for future potato skins and the bottoms are designated for baked potato soup.

Click here for the yummy recipe I make in a big quantity and freeze the rest. Frozen soup is best reheated using a double boiler method. 

Bottoms can also become twice baked potatoes, hashbrowns or good ole’ baked potatoes loaded your favorite way (all freezer friendly).

 Our tops are best reserved for cheesy potato skins (just my opinion).

Click on oven cheesy potato skins or grilled cheesy potato skins for recipes.

Our family of six can have at least two meals of potato soup and eat potato skins at least twice! Now that’s what I call cooking once and eating twice, I mean four times! Smaller families could eat up to six or more times on one ten-pound bag of potatoes.

Do you freezer cook with potatoes?



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