What $41 Will Buy

We stopped by the WNC Farmer’s Market to pick up another bushel of apples because we had eaten nearly all of them this week. Three weeks ago we bought a combination of eating and cooking apples. Gala and Rome to be exact. The kids loved the Galas so much they’ve requested more so off we went.

Once again we bought a bushel for $15, 3 pumpkins for $6 (the 2 small ones were freebies for our 2 year-old), a bushel of green beans and bag of sweet potatoes (in the top right corner) for $20. We’re going to have a massive amount of sweet potato fries and baked sweet potatoes. They are huge! I’ll be posting my famous apple crisp this week. I made a double recipe this weekend. Here is the pan to gaze upon.

We bought all of this in the lower lots which is considered wholesale prices. Ultimately, you get more for your money, but you must have a way to store these items or eat it quickly.

Other ideas for consumption include, sharing a bushel with one or more friends/neighbors or storing apples in your basement where it is cooler. We don’t have a basement, so I clear out the two bottom veggie drawers in the fridge and load them there. What am I going to do with a bushel of green beans? Freeze them, of course! I’ve started stringing and breaking them and by day one I have six quarts. I did not wash them because they will end up mushy when I cook them. I will wash them when I get ready to cook. They will receive a water bath for about ten minutes and then I’ll drain the water and cook them in clean water. I’ll let you know how many quart bags I end up with in the end. We will be eating fresh green beans for the first time this winter.

I’m going to get some wholesale red peppers before the season is over and freeze those with onions as well. Overall, the prices sound steep, but when you consider the large amount you have stocked up on compared to the cost of one dinner out, it sounds like a bargain. We’ll be eating on this food for weeks, most likely a month and the green beans for months to come. You can also freeze apple crisp which I will include in the recipe coming soon.

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