Weeknight Freezer Meals: BBQ Chicken and Wendy’s Chili

IMG_0729I make a goal to double bubble or freeze a round of meals each week. This keeps my freezer stash going without having to do a long two hour session at one setting. Typically I do it on the weekends when I have time, but last weekend we were too busy finishing the renovation and I had fresh meat waiting in the fridge. It was crying out to be used in freezer meals. The 1.89/lb chicken breasts I designated for chicken BBQ sandwiches, my kiddos favorite.


The ground turkey I purchased went straight into gallon size bags for my favorite Wendy’s copycat chili. It’s just in time for fall flavors. I’ll wait until our first cool snap and throw this into the crock pot on a busy school day.

IMG_0727I love this chili with avocado, sour cream, cheese and corn bread on the side. Or I’ll serve it yummy apple crisp instead of the cornbread. I try to limit our carb intake.

wendys chiliDoesn’t this make your mouth water?

I’m ready for crock pot meals galore. I’ll dig into my crock pot archives and share other recipes I’m freezing this weekend.

How about you? Do you crock more often in the fall?




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