Weekly Menu Planner is a Lifesaver

Here is what my lifesaver looks like. It’s a weekly dinner plan for my family. I plan 7 dinner meals a week and make note of activities going on during the week. If it’s a day we need to leave by 6 p.m., this is a quick meal night (definitely a freezer meal or little hands-on cooking like breakfast bar). I use this inexpensive planner ($2 magnetic 52 page weekly magnetic calendar from a craft store) all year.

After dinner and I am finished packing leftovers for lunch, I glance at my calendar to see what needs to be thawed in my plastic shoebox for the next meal.

I often set out my crockpot or cans of beans, tomatoes, etc. to remind myself in the morning. I am human and I do forget to thaw out foods for the next day! In that case, I thaw my quart bags in cold water, depending upon what the item is. Sometimes, I can leave the item on the counter for 2 hours or thaw it in the microwave on 50% power. However, the best method is to allow 24 hours thawing time in the fridge. Or I will switch out meals if necessary. That is why this calendar is so handy.

It also has a notes section at the bottom. I write down a weekly dessert I’m going to make or items I’m serving as snacks during the week. Examples are brownies, cookies, popcorn, cheese and crackers, etc.

Have you ever tried to use a calendar or planner for meals? A separate calendar is the best method and I love the magnetic feature because I never lose it. This is a great new year’s gift to yourself!

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