Weekly Menu {How to Freeze Cookies}

cookie dough ballsI always work smarter, not harder when it comes to my freezer cooking. Baking cookies and mufins or at least two types of baked goods at once. While I have the ingredients out, the kitchen is a mess, one of my kiddos is measuring and I’m cleaning behind them always creates a freezer cooking spree. Seriously, I ALWAYS bake two items killing two birds with one stone for the week. This weekend I made chocolate chip whole wheat cookies and pumpkin chocolate chip muffins for our lunch box treats. I usually make the cookies one of two ways: frozen cookie dough balls {awesome for fresh baked cookies on a whim for company or a quick potluck dessert } or baked cookies, cooled and then frozen {goes straight into the lunch box}. This week I baked all four dozen and stuck them in the freezer to keep them fresh all week.


Here is our menu this week as I go back to teaching Foods 1 and Foods 2 at the high school level :)

Thank goodness for planned meals or we would be eating out every night; NOT!

What’s on your freezer cooking menu this week?


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