Weekly Menu and World’s Easiest Icecream Cake

ice cream cake

It’s a birthday tradition for me to make my World’s Easiest ice cream cake for my oldest daughter. This year she chose mint ice cream and it was quite a hit. This frugal, easy to make ice cream cake will wow your guests. It costs around $6 depending on whether the ice cream is on sale. Another make ahead item that saved the day was two pans of taco lasagna I had stashed in the freezer. Friday night I had placed them in the refrigerator. All I had to do on Sunday was pop some French bread in the oven and toss a big salad. I kept things really simple for this family gathering since this was my first week of school teaching. My daughter’s official birthday will be Wednesday and we’ll be celebrating 14 blessed years.

Weekly Menu:

What are your make ahead tips for easy entertaining?



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