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asian chickenHave you ever been stung by a wasp when you put on your pants? I can now say I have. Ouch!!! A wasp was trapped in my pant leg while I slipped them on for church. I thought I had a piece of glass in my pants. Apparently, while they hung on the clothes line last week it made itself a warm cozy home!

Our spring break went by so quickly and I was so glad I did my freezer cooking galore session last weekend. We did everything we planned during our staycation, including ice skating, hiking, biking, picnics, movies, ball game

I can say it was a jam packed week full of food, family and fun, except for the wasp encounter.

I even had my daughter’s first boyfriend over for a cookout. Shhhh, she would die if this went viral:) It’s been a blessed spring break. God bless your week, friends.

Back to our normal schedule packing loads of lunches with a dinner menu plan:

What did you do over spring break or plan for your upcoming one?

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