Weekly Menu 5/20-5/26

grilled southwest egg rolls

Grilled Southwest Egg Rolls

Nearly every meal I prepare consists of foods I have cooked or baked in bulk and frozen. I thaw items in a plastic shoe box to prevent condensation dripping onto my shelves (I’ve learned from experience). Then I shop my freezer from my freezer inventory,  to see what goodies I can thaw and serve to my family and others. I write these items down on a seven-day menu plan and post it on my refrigerator as a reminder to thaw my food 24 hours ahead of time. Typically right after the dishes are done, I check my menu plan and put new items into my thawing box and slash them off my freezer inventory.

We rotate the same breakfast items each week:

We rotate leftovers, wraps, sandwiches and salads for lunch.

As you can tell below, I’m stocking my freezer as I cook daily. Some times I double/triple a couple of items in a power cooking session. Most days I’d rather double my what I’m already cooking anyway and freeze extra. It’s the way I cook and freeze without having to spend six hours or an entire day freezer cooking for a month. This system works best for my busy lifestyle. What’s your method of freezer cooking?


  • Habichi steak and zucchini and onions, brown rice (doubling, freezing extra)
  • Baked Rotini Casserole (doubling, freezing one), Artisan Bread (baking four at a time, freezing three)
  • Grilled Cheese, Potato  Soup (frozen)
  • Grilled Steak Fajitas, Frozen Southwest Eggrolls (grilled)
  • Meatball Subs using frozen meatballs and speedy pizza sauce, oven cheesy potato skins (crocking potatoes and freezing extra)
  • Grilled Black bean burgers (frozen) wrapped in homemade tortillas with pico de gallo, carrots, tortilla chips, salad with homemade ranch dressing
  • Mexican Lasagna (doubling, freezing one), salad with ranch dressing

I apologize for no working links on the dinner menu. It’s been a difficult week in the blogging world and I finally got back into my site on Friday, but it appears my links and photos are not in place. Ugh, the technology world. I’ll try to get things up and working corectly soon. In the mean time, please visit the recipe index page for any recipes your interested in.

Have a blessed week! What are you cooking and freezing this week?

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