Weekly Menu 1/16-1/22

Snow, snow, snow and more snow. We still have plenty of it and the kids finally made it to school on Friday, after a 3 hour delay. Actually, only this snow bunny above made it. My oldest son looks like he’s either had an allergy attack or pink eye and his right eye didn’t look well enough to attend for three hours.

Needless to say, my menu plan this week has been different. We ate nearly every meal at home and I felt like I was running a diner.

I did manage to get out one morning and I ran through the drive thru and grabbed the kiddos a biscuit from McDonalds and boy was this a treat. My kids were hugging me like it was the greatest thing on earth. Does this say something about my cooking? Hmmm.

I’ve got a few items from last week’s menu we didn’t eat, so they are duplicated.

Sunday-lunch-leftover taco pizza (recipe coming soon)
dinner-homemade vegetable soup and cornbread

Monday-Balsalmic Talipa, brown rice and tomatoes, steamed carrots with maple syrup

Tuesday-Black bean, corn and cheese quesadillas, pico de gallo, tortilla chips and pears

Wednesday-Manicotti from the freezer, green beans, tossed salad, breadsticks

Thursday-Breakfast bar and fresh fruit

Friday-Taco Salad using freezer taco meat

Saturday-Kiddos and Daddy eating out-I’m attending a writer’s conference :)

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