Weekly Make Ahead Menu

ranch burgBurgers are the easiest to prep and freeze. Why thaw, mash and stir partially frozen meat with seasonings and shape patties? You can save yourself a lot of time and headache do it BEFORE you freeze. It’s so much easier to pull out seasoned burgers ready to go on the grill. Buy your meat in bulk and try out a delicious make ahead burger during grilling season.

I recently bought local meat and you know what’s on my menu this week: Ranch Cheddar burgers

Freezer Pancake MixPancakes to freeze, ready to pull out and eat on a game night. Scramble some eggs and add fruit and we’ve got easy breakfast for dinner.

chicken broccoli braidChicken braid with convenience chicken and shoe box dough.

meatball subMeatball subs from homemade freezer meatballs.

black bean and corn saladFresh black bean and corn salad. So yummy on a quesadilla or served with chips.

I guess you can tell I’m over the flu and ready for healthy eating again.

What’s on your menu this week?






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