Weekly Freezer Cooking Menu, Rafting and Apple Picking

easy bcaramel sauce

The lazy days of summer are coming to an end with baseball and football games in the fall. We meade it sweet with a lazy tube day on Sunday and apple picking on Monday. The apples inspired me to fill the house with fall aromas. I didn’t intend to ring in fall so early, but it just happened that way after a bushel of apples the kids picked and the thoughts of homemade apple crisp. My four-year-old was begging for another batch of pumpkin chocolate chip muffins and it made sense to make it all at once. My husband got a batch of granola and my 11-year-old requested homemade caramel sauce. The last item on my to-do list was a batch of World’s Easiest boiled eggs. I’m so grateful all this took about an hour because that’s all I had to spare on my busy weekend!


Here’s our healthy menu for the week and I’m hoping to squeeze in a freezer cooking meal session…

How are you ringing in fall?

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