Weekly Freezer Cooking Menu

crock pot bulgogi

 Korean Bulgogi

Nearly every meal I prepare consists of foods I have cooked or baked in bulk and frozen. I thaw items in a plastic shoe box to prevent condensation dripping onto my shelves (I’ve learned from experience). Then I shop my freezer from my freezer inventory,  to see what goodies I can thaw and serve to my family and others. I write these items down on a seven-day menu plan and post it on my refrigerator as a reminder to thaw my food 24 hours ahead of time. Typically right after the dishes are done, I check my menu plan and put new items into my thawing box and slash them off my freezer inventory.

We rotate the same breakfast items each week:

We rotate leftovers, sandwiches, salads and wraps for lunch.

I’m still in prayer over my missing Canon Rebel Camera. I’m filing a police report this week since it hasn’t turned up after two weeks. The police believe an intruder walked in and thought my camera bag was a purse. The person was most likely on foot and didn’t have to break into my house because my door was unlocked. I’ve learned a lesson to lock my doors after eight years. Perhaps it’s a lesson for us all.

Guess who’s coming for dinner? I’m thrilled my mom is coming over on Wednesday to help me paint my LR. She’s the best and I’m treating her to a traditional family meal growing up. I am so blessed to be able to carry on this tradition.

I had another blessing this past week. My friend who serves with me at the mission home surprised me with this crock pot! I’m overwhelmed with gratitude and thankfulness for her enormous generosity to our family. She said the Lord had put it on her heart and I’m in awe.

What has God done for you this past week?

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