Weekly Freezer Cooking Menu


It’s been a crazy busy week at school since exams are right around the corner. Tuesday we had Awards night and I didn’t get home until 9:15 at night. I planned a custodian breakfast for 35 and thankfully it went over smoothly on Thursday. My FCCLA group baked 8 dozen cupcakes on Wednesday and 8 dozen on Thursday. That’s 192 cupcakes for a fundraiser. I printed all my study questions for both classes and organized new review games. I am attempting to finish my National Board writing by Monday. So this is my excuse for finally posting on Friday :)

However, my family still has to eat dinner and I’m thankful to have some freezer cooking homework done. We had Asian chicken and zucchini and onions and brown rice earlier this week.

I think this was Wednesday when I got around to do a few bulk cooking items. I made a double batch of quick microwave baked potatoes. The extra batch became oven fries when I made store-bough Parmesan Tilapia from Sams.


My kiddos helped me grind flour outside.


I like to shred cheese blocks and I doubled the amount.


The freshly milled flour was used to make shoe box flat bread for personal pizzas on Friday. The kiddos can make their own.


Italian meatballs were made one day, I can’t remember exactly. I wonder why? I prepared enough for meatball subs and I froze the other half.


Did I mention I made these after school while my students had the oven on for cupcakes? I literally have to integrate my personal cooking into opportune moments or I’d go crazy at home.


I lovingly packed my husband a hot lunch after dinner dishes since he’s had cold sandwiches all week. Did you know that packing leftovers after dishes is actually an exam question in my foods class curriculum? Hey, I’m doing what I preach and teach, lol.

salad to go

I typically make three or four salads at one time and grab one each day. Today is no different.

I’m participating in a weekly CSA and sharing it with my colleague.



We’ve been splitting the box at school and making a salad together before we go home.IMG_0075

I’m attempting to grow some greens and herbs for my classes when we return. So far it’s working. Did I mention I have a black thumb, maybe because we live in a wooded area?

It’s been a full blessed week and I’ve got a ton of writing to over the holiday break. I hope your doing freezer cooking homework like me so when the hectic days come you’ll be prepared.  Have a blessed weekend, freezer friends.



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