Weekly Freezer Cooking Menu

balsamic marinadeIt’s been a busy weekend attending fall festivals with my children and flying solo while my husband had his fall camping trip with his buddy. I did a quick make ahead session on Saturday prepping granola, apple crisp, boiled eggs and pumpkin seeds. My kids were so excited about the pumpkin seeds and guess what Momma did? She left them in too long and the end result was seeds that taste like bark. My kids simply said they were great except for the after taste. Unfortunately, I threw them away Sunday evening and reminded myself not to bake them longer than 25 minutes next time. I still have one more pumpkin to try out, which I may or may not do later this week depending on my schedule.

I was slammed at high school last week during a five course formal meal with two of my classes and business entrepreneurship on the same day. We were supposed to crank out nearly 100 pink cinnamon rolls, but an emergency evacuation turned the tables quickly. Mrs. Brown had to finish the rest of the rolls on Friday during a work day and do some major oven cleaning. Needless to say, it took up much of my work day cleaning ovens, submitting grades and finishing up cinnamon rolls.

However, I think they turned out pretty with a wonderful cause. We’ll donate our sales and call it a worthy class project.


Feel free to click on our class blog to see how we made them.

Dinner this week:

What’s on your menu this week?




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