Weekly Freezer Cooking Menu

southwest chili

I’ve been so busy repainting my boy’s roomsI  just about forgot to plan dinner meals this week. I’m finally done with two rooms and managed to squeeze in a two hour freezer cooking session last week. I don’t know how I did it, but my freezer is stocked, my kid’s rooms are painted and my living room has a face lift with recovered pillows and accessories. And now I can return to teaching high school kids.

It looks like I’m going to take another foods teaching job at the end of this week. I’m excited to be teaching the same foods classes as last school year when I returned to my teaching journey. Instead of a four month interim, I’m going to do a 9-1/2 month interim.

Here I go again, back to the crazy, hectic, fun schedule, but it can be done because all things are possible with God, right?

Our menu this week:

So that’s my exciting news, I’m teaching high school foods classes starting very soon. Of course, I’ll have another classroom blog to share :)

Do you have any exciting news to share this week?

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