Weekly Freezer Cooking Menu 4/15-4/21

Crock pot Bulgogi

Crock Pot Bulgogi

It’s been such a busy weekend with home improvement. My husband installed our new dishwasher on Saturday while I crafted a custom menu board. We didn’t have our kitchen sink hooked up for three days which was inconvenient. We survived the paper plate challenge washing minimal silverware and dishes in our bathroom. I ended up washing our crock pot in the tub and ALMOST got huffy until God put in perspective. I could have been washing our dishes in a cold creek having to walk a half mile or so. Wow, He convicted me and I hushed up. I’m just grateful we were able to save money by doing it ourselves through YouTube. Okay, my husband doing it through YouTube. What did we do without it?

This is another busy week with a room makeover for my daughter. She’s going away on a school trip for three days and I’m surprising her with a new painted lavender room with purple, black and lime green accents. I’m trying to do this as frugal as possible with lots of trips to Goodwill and spray painted accents. I founds some great $1 pieces I’m going to pain and use as decor and use what we have around the house. I’ll post the pictures on our facebook page for you to check out later if you like. I’ve also been posting some other DIY projects around our house like a frugal tree stump bench seat, DIY painted patio umbrella and a DIY customized menu board {I’ll post on Wed or Thurs}.

Heads up on our new series, homemade bread in a shoe box, begins tomorrow. Our first bread tutorial will be simple sandwich bread. I’m so excited to share all my tips and tricks from mixing dough in 5 minutes in a shoe box, baking, cooling and freezing. Get ready for a new bread tutorial each week and learn how to make the easiest bread ever!

Have a blessed week!

Dinner menu:

 What type of bread would you like to learn how to make next?

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