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chicken gyro

It was so nice to have consistent warmer weather this week. All the sunshine gets me excited about summer grilling, which is why I did some bulk chicken marinades. I usually do my three favorite ones, but I decided on the whim to recreate a cilantro lime chicken recipe as a marinade. It looks really delicious and I will be sure to share the exact measurements in the coming weeks. The Italian chicken is hands down one of my faves because it’s so simple with very little ingredients and it tastes great on salads, wraps, gyros, pasta and anything else you can dream up. I hope you are as excited about warm weather as we are.

Our menu this week:

What are your favorite grilling recipes?

4 thoughts on “Weekly Freezer Cooking Menu

  1. Sheila

    These meals look so yummy! Thank you for putting this together. My husband has been craving sweet potatoes and the crock pot recipe looks super simple! Can’t wait to try the Italian Chicken Gyros either.

  2. lisa

    I was just thinking yesterday as I made your chicken fajitas, I wonder if Jackie has a citrus lime recipe ! you must have been reading mind! The fajitas were wonderful as always! Thanks so much for sharing!!

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