Weekly Freezer Cooking Menu

grilled asian honey chicken kabobs

I did so much freezer cooking over Spring Break, I’m taking a break this weekend. My oldest and husband went to Charleston for a couple of days for an eighth grade trip. My three kiddos and I did the DIY potato bar monthly mission meal and passed out Easter Jelly Bean Prayer eggs. I lost my hub cap on the Interstate or somewhere else. I ran about 9 miles over the weekend, six on Saturday and three with my boys during a fun run at school. Yes, I live a busy mom life!!!



Proud of my boys running their very first one and two mile run. My kindergartner won 2nd and my fifth grader won third. I had no idea they would do so well. God is good to give me such athletic guys :)



Our weekly menu keeps me sane:

Now I’m off to teach high school, cheer for soccer, track and baseball players this week.

 So what did you do over the weekend? Was it relaxing? 


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