Weekly Freezer Cooking Menu

cornbread wafflesIt’s been an interesting week. My three-year-old got her first black eye at a birthday party.

blackeyeMy poor baby. She is healing nicely and practically recovered by Sunay.  She had a nice green eye for Saint Patrick’s Day on Tuesday:) After three birthday parties this Saturday and a family meal on Sunday, it’s been nice to finally rest.

I’ve had a full week teaching foods with less labs and quite frankly, I don’t remember what we made. I would have to check our Foodie blog. We have about a week to go before we enter entrepreneurship which will be exciting. I’m gearing them up for their Servsafe exam. It’s supposed to be chilly this week so I’m clearing out the freezer to make room for marinated meats for spring grilling if it ever is here to stay. Meanwhile, we’re still using our indoor grill and liquid smoke recipes, like indoor fajitas. I’m ready for warm weather to stay.

Our meal plan:

dark chocolate brownies

This weekend I made Crystal’s BBQ meatballs, modifying the recipe a bit. I made our usual eggs and dark chocolate brownies. It looks like we are ready for another busy week of soccer and baseball, school, homework and much more.

Are you ready?








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  1. Amy S

    Just a friendly note–If you get a black and blue eye, or bruise easily natures remedy is to eat pineapple–fresh is best!! It has an enzyme in that reacts with blood and pulls it back into the circulatory system. One of our local trauma surgeons told me and showed me tons of research on it when we had a really bad trauma case at the hospital I work at. Thanks for the recipes and blog!!!

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