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I stayed in the teaching saddle for my first full week. It’s been an adventure returning to high school teaching after 13 years! Some things have changed and others have not. I love teaching cooking to eager students who want to learn.  We had four cooking labs between three foods classes last week and I was so thankful I prepped a lot of food for the work week.

This week is no exception. I spent a little over two hours freezer cooking on Saturday making: 30 minute rolls, banana chocolate chip bread, chewy oatmeal chocolate chip cookies,  steel cut oatmeal, world’s easiest boiled eggs, 2# pared carrot sticks.

It’s great to have a plan and place items in the thawing box the night before. I come home to a crock pot meal or something I can whip up within 15 minutes thanks to prior prep.  I can often call my husband ahead of time and ask him to start dinner.

Our meal plan:

Healthy dinner in a snap is what I aim for after a long day of work.

What is your game plan for dinner this week?

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  1. jora

    I have a rice steamer, which also makes great ‘boiled’ eggs! Mine is the black-and-decker double-decker model — I often steam eggs in the lower tray and rice in the upper.

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