Weekly Freezer Cooking Menu

taco pizza

Our menu this week is simple and sane. We had a gorgeous day today taking advantage of park weather, which has been very rare. After today, it’s back to the normal winter cold temperatures. We’re still crockin’ around our house and taking out simple freezer staples, like Italian Meatballs and taco meat. They are a simple meal starter to save the day. Be sure to try crock pot manicotti, which is nearly the number one recipe pinned here. Enjoy your week. God bless.

Dinner this week:

Taco Pizza, salad

Easy Potato Kielbasa, scrambled eggs, leftover salad

Tuna Sandwiches and Minestrone Soup

crock pot manicotti (1)

Crock Pot Cheese Manicotti

Taco Twist Soup,  shoe box crazy bread

steak fajita

Crock Pot Steak Fajitas, crock pot black beans

crocked potatoesMeatball Subs, crock pot baked potatoes

What’s on your freezer cooking menu this week?

2 thoughts on “Weekly Freezer Cooking Menu

  1. Kathy Cowperthwaite

    I am so blessed to have been led to your site thru google,I too am a Christ Follower, former missionary, cook of 35 on or mission team on $1.00 a day. Only God could do that!! I am now a wife of 25 years a homemaker. I love gardening, canning dehydrating and learning to make anything from scratch. God bless you.

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