Weekly Freezer Cooking Menu and Recipes

Freezer Pancake Mix


Snow days are upon us and so is comfort food, but I’m striving to cook or crock healthy using freezer cooking. It keeps us from eating out or grabbing a $5 pizza. Can anyone relate? Having a meal plan in place is the key to surviving a Christmas break with snow days attached. Your house begins to feel like  24-hour diner. Oh well, if we’re going to be snowed in we might as well enjoy some homemade hot chocolate with marashmallows and warm food from the crock pot.

If you’re getting snow too, I hope you’re staying warm and eating well. Enjoy God’s blanket of snow all around us.

Here’s our menu this week:

I got busy this weekend and stocked my pantry and freezer with make ahead items:

I’m thankful to have plenty of good healthy eats during our snow days. Our kids have had an extended school break and now a 2-hour delay. It’s important for me to have healthy options.

I’m still taking whole food baby steps to achieve healthy eating. I haven’t decided what our 2014 goals are this year, but I’ll let you know.

How about you? What healthy goals are you setting? We’d like tot hear them! Do you agree freezer cooking is an easier way to implement healthy eating?



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