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We had a laid back Thanksgiving with lots of down time this year. My sister-in-law prepared a 20 pound turkey and there were no leftovers because our family is so large. I made three dozen pumpkin rolls and we had leftovers I made into croutons after the second day. One of our friends generously gave us some venison to try and I’m adding it to the menu this week. I’d love to know some great recipes if you have any! My husband’s birthday is this week and my son’s birthday was last week. We celebrate a lot over the next few months with three family birthdays and Jesus’ birthday. I can’t believe Christmas is so soon. I hope you had a blessed Thanksgiving. I reminded my family we can give thanks to God all year long, not just Thanksgiving, that’s a reason to celebrate.

Dinner this week:

 Do you have any good venison cooking tips/tricks/recipes?


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