Weekly Freezer Cooking Menu 10/8-10/14


 Crock pot Bulgogi

Nearly every meal I prepare consists of foods I have cooked or baked in bulk and frozen. I thaw items in a plastic shoe box to prevent condensation dripping onto my shelves (I’ve learned from experience). Then I shop my freezer from my freezer inventory,  to see what goodies I can thaw and serve to my family and others. I write these items down on a seven-day menu plan and post it on my refrigerator as a reminder to thaw my food 24 hours ahead of time. Typically right after the dishes are done, I check my menu plan and put new items into my thawing box and slash them off my freezer inventory.

We rotate the same breakfast items each week:

We rotate leftovers, wraps, sandwiches and salads for lunch.

Take one guess what we’re planning this weekend? Believe it or not, our first cabin camping with my parents. A weekend lake front on a military base campground. We’ll keep you posted about the details and recipes :)

Dinner this week:

Do you have any freezer cooking plans this week?


2 thoughts on “Weekly Freezer Cooking Menu 10/8-10/14

  1. heartlandroad

    Couldn’t live without my freezer! I do it differently from you – I mostly cook big batches at mealtimes, serve some right away and freeze the rest in portions. So I cook from scratch maybe 1/3 of the time, the other 2/3 is frozen stuff I made earlier. I freeze all my leftovers – it gives me time to think what to do with them, otherwise they just sit in the fridge and go bad.

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