Weekly Freezer Cooking Menu 10/29-11/4

 Salmon Patties

Nearly every meal I prepare consists of foods I have cooked or baked in bulk and frozen. I thaw items in a plastic shoe box to prevent condensation dripping onto my shelves (I’ve learned from experience). Then I shop my freezer from my freezer inventory,  to see what goodies I can thaw and serve to my family and others. I write these items down on a seven-day menu plan and post it on my refrigerator as a reminder to thaw my food 24 hours ahead of time. Typically right after the dishes are done, I check my menu plan and put new items into my thawing box and slash them off my freezer inventory.

We rotate the same breakfast items each week:

We rotate leftovers, wraps, sandwiches and salads for lunch

Dinner this week:

I over planned our menu last week so we have a lot of repeat meals, but that’s just fine with me. It’s less to buy at the grocery store, except dairy and fruit. Do you ever have one of those weeks? We had a fun dress up Halloween party and I brought pumpkin cake. I heated up some frozen chickadilla soup from a quart jar on a rainy Sunday. It’s been a busy blessed weekend making pancakes and waffles for our youth group of 75. Hopefully, this will be a slower week in the kitchen. God bless your week!

What’s freezer cooking at your house?


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