Weekend Freezer Cooking {Chicken, stock, cookies, granola}

I don’t have time to spend six or eight hours in my kitchen at a time.  During the week, I typically double and freeze items from our weekly evening meals. This works best for our family of six. During the weekend, I spend a power hour (active prep time)  making a few items to add to my freezer inventory.

Friday, I bought two Harvest Farms whole chickens on sale for 1.29/#.  I crocked one sticky chicken with freezer Southwest seasoning and made two batches of crock pot stock. The first stock was over night using the original carcass and the second batch I doctored up with carrots, onion, celery and garlic using this recipe. I shredded the chicken and divided it into thirds. Two bags went into the freezer and one third was used for Chicken Enchilada Spaghetti which I’ll share tomorrow. I have several tutorials if you’re new to this adventure:

Saturday I decided to make chicken and stars soup on the whim since I had so much stock so I ended up using another bag of chicken. It was super easy to make chicken and stars soup by adding seven minute star pasta and shredded chicken. Here’s my original homemade chicken soup recipe.

My daughter made a batch of whole wheat chocolate chip cookies (60) and we ate half over the weekend and froze half for future lunches. While the oven was hot, I threw in a pan of easy microwave prep granola (2 minutes) which I make EVERY weekend for weekday breakfast.

I’d say it was a rather productive weekend with about an hour of hands-on prep (not including the cooking time) and we ate leftovers on Saturday and Sunday.

How do you prefer to freezer cook? Did you make any freezer items this weekend?

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