Weekend Freezer Cooking with 4 year-old

Cooking six to eight items can be a challenge on it’s own; try adding in a four-4-year-old. It makes cooking so much messier, more fun and happier (if you allow it).


My adorable assistant and I cranked out a farmer’s casserole.

Italian meatballs

We made a batch of Italian meatballs.

freezer burger

The ranch cheddar burgers came next.

cookie dough balls

Last, but best of all for her, we made white whole wheat chocolate chip cookies. I used to  freeze frozen balls, but lately I bake them all and freeze the cooled cookies to keep them fresh.

pimento cheese

And then I made some of my favorite homemade pimento cheese again this weekend. It is round two since the first one tasted so fresh and delicious on pumpkernickle bread. It’s one of our favorite quick lunches. In fact, we had it after church on Sunday. I used a roasted pepper from the grill last weekend that I had saved. Have you ever roasted peppers in bulk? They are awesome for all kinds of meals. I like to wait until the peppers go on sale and grill a lot of them at once. Green peppers were three for 99 cents at Aldi this week.

roasted peppers


It was a productive morning with my four-year-old. We got a lot accomplished and cooked/baked together which is one of her favorite activities.

Did you do any freezer cooking this weekend?


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