Weekend Freezer Cooking

IMG_2784Have you ever done freezer cooking with a friend? It makes time goes by quicker and it’s far more fun with someone else. My best friend and I cranked out an abundant amount of food. We both had black bean burgers on our list and I had a few other items up my sleeve before she arrived. I started the spinach quiche, naan dough and meatballs first. When she got to my house, we made our black bean burgers and took turns with the  mixer to make banana chocolate chip muffins.

IMG_2786Her’s were vegan since she’s vegetarian and you can see the huge pile of naan I prepared. We had mini-pizzas for dinner with some of them.

The meatballs went to the freezer for subs this week. The rest of the naan will be used for gyros.

IMG_2787After all that work, we deserved a break! We both had hazel nut coffee and a muffin. I’m telling you that it’s double the fun freezer cooking with your best friend.

Do you ever freezer cook with friends?




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