Weekend Freezer Cooking


I finally got a free weekend to stock my freezer and try to get ahead at home. I spent my school week  helping my foods classes make pizza for forty teacher lunches as an FCCLA fundraiser and it went great. I’ve been in a breakfast rut and I was ready to try some new foods. I decided to try a banana blueberry baked oatmeal recipe and make a vegetable quiche. I decided to make mini muffin size quiche as well.


My six-year-old baker loves making these banana chocolate chip muffins and she insisted we make some. I didn’t object.

Finally, I had to make two juicy roasted chickens that I made for my foods class. I used butter instead of margarine. They looked and smelled so amazingI went straight to the store and bought two for my own household.


They literally smell up your whole house with yumminess. After eating one I made freezer broth for other recipes down the road.

IMG_3001We still have another whole chicken plus a cup of shredded chicken in the freezer.


Our Sunday breakfast was drool worthy, wouldn’t you say? I can’t believe I’ll be eating this during my hectic work week.

Many muffins later I have several meals ready to eat in my freezer.



It’s a good thing I have a teacher work day on Monday, which means a break from cooking :)

Did you do any freezer cooking this weekend?

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