We made it to the last week of school


My son convinced me to make Sesame Chicken by the end of a busy week. On the whim, I decided to make this  recipe using semi-homemade ingredients. The sauce was made with orange marmalade and BBQ sauce. It was a little too orange for him with so much zest. It looked fabulous, but I’ll admit it was a bit too sweet for my taste too. In the past, I’ve made Sweet and Sour chicken with homemade sauce ingredients and the whole family loved seconds even after freezing . When my teenage boy doesn’t eat seconds, I know it wasn’t a keeper for us.

Earlier in the week I made an amazing roasted vegetable with squash, eggplant, mushrooms, red peppers and more. It was a satisfying lunch and dinner for several days.

I also made this veggie-loaded breakfast casserole that was delicious with a salad for lunch or fruit for breakfast. IMG_3859

It’s been a long exam week at school and I had two components of National Board Teaching due on Friday. Needless to say, the meals I cooked only occurred on weekends. In between exams, staying up until midnight writing, baseball games, Kindergarten musical and more, I took a long nap.

With God’s grace, I made it to the last week of school. YAY! Our family of six will end school on Thursday of this week. Look out summer, here we come: two teachers, two grade school kiddos, one middle school teenager and a high school junior all at home under one room  roof for the summer! LOL, still need another nap;)

What was your week like?

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