Want Finely Ground Meat?

Have you ever wondered how Taco Bell got their meat ground so fine? I used to wonder until my dear friend showed me about five years ago when we held our first cook and play date. Now every time I brown meat, whether it’s ground turkey or beef, I always add water to it to make it mushy and it browns in smaller pieces.

I’ve posted this tip before and pulled it out of my archives for you here. I want to be sure all of you who like to like to brown large quantities at a time and freeze it know this timely tip.

I use this tip when I’m browning two to three pounds of meat at a time for taco meat. I cool, divide and bag into three labeled quart size bags for the freezer. My tutorial for freezer cooking taco meat is posted here and it makes 5-minute taco dinner nights. You can’t beat that!

Am I the last to learn this tip? Does your meat turn out this way?



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