Vital Wheat Gluten

Some of you have asked what this product looks like and where to get it. I buy mine at Ingles in the specialty flour section right beside the regular flour. It’s where the organic, soy, buckwheat, etc. is found. It costs a little over $2, but it’s worth the investment when you are baking with whole wheat.

I recently made 100% white whole wheat olive oil dough and I’ve used it for meatball calzones, Artisan bread and cinnamon rolls. My cinnamon rolls rose better than the ones I made previously with a combo of wheat and white, which I do often. However I’m hooked on the vital wheat gluten because I got such a nice rise, which ultimately makes for a softer, higher loaf, rather than dense and heavy. The white whole wheat flour also contributes to a better rise.

Be sure to pair the two products together the next time you bake. Use King Arthur White whole wheat flour and Hodgson Mill vital wheat gluten and try making another loaf of whole wheat bread or try the white whole wheat olive oil dough.

I’ll be posting future recipes how I’m implementing this healthy, great tasting dough, in my kitchen. Stay tuned.

Have you ever made whole wheat products and they were a flop? Don’t be dismayed, I have too.

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