Valentine’s Day Treats

true love

Are you wondering what to make for Valentine’s Day? If you’re like me and you can’t stomach paying the crazy prices of a store-bought cookie cake or cup cake, try one or more of the following ideas. Don’t forget to double your recipe to give away extra goodies to teachers, friends, neighbors or loved ones. It’s so easy to double recipes and have extra for later. Here’s a list of my favorite treats that come together like everyday cooking, no extensive labor necessary :)

Okay, blow up a few red balloons and streamers and surprise your loved ones with an “I love you” party and you are good to go on Valentine’s Day without breaking the bank. They’ll remember it forever. We like to put a few streamers in each of the children’s doorway before the big day. They awake to a fun surprise.

birthday cookie

I Love You Cookie Cake (heart shaped cookie cake)

Red Velvet cake
Red Velvet Cake

strawberry cheesecake ice cream

Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream {No ice cream maker}

choc straw
Chocolate Covered Strawberries

rice crispy treatHeart Shaped Rice Crispy Treats

Annie's Pizza

Heart Shaped Pizza

cinnamon rolls
Heart Shaped Cinnamon Rolls

healthier biscuits

Heart shaped healthier biscuits

snickers cheesecake

Turtle Cheesecake

Since Valentine’s Day falls on our monthly mission meal day, we’re celebrating by sharing God’s love with 35-40 homeless women and children. We’re hosting a V-day breakfast complete with heart shaped biscuits topped with strawberries and whipped cream, breakfast meat and scrambled eggs. We hope to make them feel especially loved by God and take their prayer requests and pray over them as a family. Is there a better way to spend Valentine’s Day? I’ll pass on the two hour crowded restaurant with four kids :-0 God bless your special Valentine’s Day! I’ll see you on Friday.

How will you celebrate Valentine’s Day?

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