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It’s that time again when we start to plan our vacation and our menu week filled with freezer food and fun. I’m digging out our 2012 vacation menu and planning a new one. All of our best tips/tricks/ideas to help you plan a long or mini-vacation was posted this year. As I brainstorm and plan our 2013 menu and snacks, I’ll be sure to post.


One thing for sure when we eat healthy, we keep our bodies on track to have fun and enjoy the water and sunshine.



We save money which allows us to visit new places on our vacation.

IMG_4755And we leave full, not empty handed. We make lasting memories without spending a fortune. P.S. We splurge and eat out affordable at least once for lunch or dinner :)

Do you plan your vacation with freezer food?



4 thoughts on “Vacation Freezer Food

  1. Marissa @ Where I Need to Be

    I like to bring my own food on vacation but never thought of freezer food. I can’t wait to see what your menu is like!

    1. admin

      Thanks for stopping by. Interesting website you have, did you start it yourself? Let me know if you want to partner some time.

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