Vacation Freezer Cooking Menu {Beach, 2013}


I’m nearly done freezer cooking for my vacation. I’m taking a vacation from the kitchen with nearly all of my food either cooked or prepped for easy grilling. The family will reheat or prepare their own food in about 15-minutes. Now that’s a vacation for Momma!

Last night I cranked out two pans of granola, granola bars and forty mini-bagel bites in about thirty minutes before retiring for bed. I turned the oven off after baking the granola for 15-minutes and had 14-cups when I woke up. Yesterday I froze all of our lunch meat and cheese blocks for vacation. They will serve as handy ice-packs as we travel.

I’ve turned into a whole foods junkie enjoying our whole foods even while we’re on vacation. There are so many reasons why I love to bring along our freezer meals and you can read about my 5 Reasons to vacation with freezer food in my June article for Sophie magazine.

As promised, here is are the pictures of our big haul. I consider it a mom vacation packed into two coolers. I’ll be spending less time in the kitchen and more time with my family :)

In the meantime, perhaps you need some ideas to spark your own vacay menu!

Here’s our list of items I’ve got planned for us.





Snacks and breakfast:

Purchase at Beach:

water bottles,drinks, tortilla chips,  lettuce, tomatoes,  milk, 3 dozen eggs, carrots

I’m getting a later start on my actual packing and organizing the coolers, but I promise to show you how this is going to work out in two large rolling coolers with photos.

Do you take freezer meals or healthy snacks on your vacation? 



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