Vacation Food and Fun {Folly Beach 2012, Part 2}

Shrimp Scampi

Why eat out while on vacation when you can prepare a restaurant quality meal in less time it takes to travel and wait for a table? Our philosophy is saving money on food to have more money for fun times. I made a quick buttery bed of garlic noodles for the local  grilled shrimp skewers. I melted butter, added garlic salt (minced cloves are even better) and tossed in the cooked noodles. I utilized leftover noodles from our first spaghetti and meatballs dinner. No waiting for water to boil tonight;)

We always start off with a healthy breakfast. It’s usually an on your own breakfast at the beach house. My boys like world’s easiest boiled eggs (I made a dozen Sunday evening to last all week) and hubby likes a hearty bowl of 5- minute prep granola (brought a gallon size bag from home). My daughter prefers a homemade parfait.


Lunch consisted of leftover Italian chicken wraps or sandwiches.

This year in Charleston, we took in a little more sight seeing with our SC aquarium pass. The kidos had a blast and I highly recommend the  4D movies. They had light water effects and a little shark excitement (don’t want to reveal too much in case you venture there). My hubbie went there last month with his school and got a special educator family pass for $60. You may want to look in to the season pass if you have a large family like us. There’s  reciprocial entry for other zoos.

I had plenty of time to hang with my girls. The best part of the vacation was snuggling with each child individually:) I also loved my time running on the beach. A glorious creation from God!

Two little mishaps:

Our youngest son ALWAYS gets into mischief and the beach is no exception. Remember all that fun water play from Part 1 of our vacation? He was playing a little too rough and hit his head on the pinapple water fountain. Ouch,here is the result.

On our way to the light house (which is too the far left of Folly Beach), he got into a sticky mess.. Go to the end of the road and you will see a trail. My oldest got the bright idea to check out the beautiful flowers in the field and took off running. My son followed and started screaming as loud as possible. I thought it was red ants and I saw these little suckers stiking to his hands and feet. Another major ouch for him. Caution: don’t let your kids wander off the trail. Blood oozed out as I plucked ; My daughter later revealed pain from where she sat down in the field, oops.

Tomorrow I conclude our food and fun vacation with packing, freezing, cooling,re-heating and of course, eating tips/tricks. Be sure to re-visit this series and share your best tips and tricks as well. See ya tomorrow to end this series.

Did you miss Part 1 ? Or the original vacation menu? We’d love to know your favorite vacation meals.


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