Two Meals from One: Freeze One or Bless Another

My Confession: I cook to freeze. I make enough servings to freeze extra so I’m able to have a night off from cooking (re-heating only) or give away a home-cooked meal with ease.

This is easy crock pot pulled pork tenderlion, homemade balsamic glaze to die for, and cooked butternut I use for a side, butternut puff (yes, the puff is marshmallows). This is what my counter typically looks like about two hours after every meal. I cool the food, bag it, freeze it.

Then the process reverses. I thaw the food, open the bags and reheat the food. It’s an easy, healthy way to still eat fresh whole foods without the fuss. That’s why I cook and freeze nearly every meal instead of do once a month freezer cooking for 8-10 hours.


What’s your freezer cooking method?




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