Turkey Cheeseburger Ministry Meal

Thinking outside the Casserole Box…


Many times we think a meal to a loved one, friend, neighbor or sick has to be in a box.  Specifically, we think it should fit inside this casserole box—the thought seems time-consuming and makes a busy mom frazzled.

Let’s think outside the box for a moment. Think…think…think…what is tasty, made quickly without fuss?What can I double and serve to my own family and give away as a ministry to someone? How about scrumptious, healthy turkey cheeseburgers or substitute ground beef. Prep six or eight burgers and slide them into a ziploc bag. Label with the cooking directions: grill or broil. Toss a salad in a bag or provide a store-bought salad. Add some baked beans and you have a complete meal without fuss and you’ve just made one for your family at the same time.

You may want to check with the family to make sure they like turkey burgers and make sure there is someone available to grill or broil the burgers.

I bought a double pack of turkey, large box of salad greens, buns and a number ten can of baked beans from Sams to save money and time. Ziploc bags are handy for dividing food items and they store much easier than pans. They’re great for leftovers because they’recompact and see through. I use a measuring cup to scoop the beans straight from this can into a stabalized quart size bag. I seal, rinse and dry the bag for packaging.


Here’s a peak at this ministry meal going out the door.


Ready to grill or broil turkey cheeseburgers, buns, baked beans and salad.

I’m adding this to my list of other no-cook meals: black bean casserole and no cook manicotti.

Do you have any no cook meals or ideas  that we can add to our list?

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