Try Asian Chicken Skewers from the Freezer

I had Asian chicken strips thawing in the fridge (click here for the marinade recipe) and I was able to make these terrific skewers indoors.

A while back I marinated the long strips and I was able to thread the chicken onto skewers and grill them on our panani sandwich grill (you could use a Foreman grill if you have one or broil them in the oven). Just make sure to soak your wooden skewers in water for thirty minutes prior to threading and broiling in oven.

I simply threaded the chicken onto wooden skewers and placed them straight on the grill. Be careful not to grill too long or they will be dry (the griddles get very hot).

I also had sesame noodles I had prepared once for another Asian meal. These were frozen also, but they were now thawed along with the chicken because I had a meal plan, which allows me to glance at the menu 24 hours in advance and thaw items to be used.

The meal consisted of Asian chicken skewers on a bed of sesame noodles, stir-fried cabbage, peppers and onions (I make this side dish like I do my zucchini and onions) and fresh pineapple on the side. The entire meal took less than thirty minutes (more like twenty) to serve hot on the table.

I hope you are able to see why freezer cooking is such a time saver. Join me in a class and learn these ideas hands-on and prepare items to take home.

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